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In Delhi, India Iron oxide pearl pigments manufactured by SP Colour & Chemicals are synthetic pigments that consist of microparticles of iron oxide covered with different metallic oxides. These pigments... Read More

In Delhi, India SP Colour & Chemicals Manufactures Iridescent pearl pigments which are unique pigments that show a dynamic and moving scope of colours, suggestive of the play of shades... Read More

SP Colour & Chemicals' Carbon black powder is a fine black powder consisting essentially of basic carbon, manufactured by fragmented ignition of weighty oil based commodities, for example, coal tar,... Read More

Pearlescent Pigments manufactured in Delhi, India | SP Colour & Chemicals

SP Colour & Chemicals manufactures Pearlescent pigments in Delhi, India. These pigments are unique kinds of shades that make a pearlescent or glowing impact in different items. These Pigments are... Read More

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SP Colour & Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of Varieties of Carbon Black Powder in Delhi, India. Carbon black Powder is also used as a pigment in different ventures, especially... Read More

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SP Colour & Chemicals is a manufacturer company of Pearlescent Pigments, which are extraordinary types of pigments used to make a pearlescent or iridescent impact in different industries. These pigments... Read More