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We specialize in Automotive Systems for the Two-wheeler, Three-wheeler and Four-wheeler Passenger and Commercial vehicle niche. Our Product Portfolio is diversified across Metal Processing, Polymer Processing, Floriculture, Home Appliances, Foundry,... Read More

A Check Weigher is an automated weighing system for precisely checking the weight of filled pack and separate the underweight & overweight packs. Check weigher, online check weigher, check weigher conveyor,... Read More

Air Drills | Air Tools | Addems Air Tools

Air drills are typically used for drilling holes of smaller diameter in hard rocks. Hence, they serve applications most commonly in mining and construction. The air that powers such a... Read More

Air Sander | Air Tools | Addems Air Tools

Air sanders are power tools that use compressed air to sand surfaces to give a fine finish to a rough surface and remove stains and dirt from it. These tools... Read More

Air Nail Guns | Air Tools | Addems Air Tools

Air nail guns are tools that use compressed air to drive nails into wood or other materials. These tools are very popular because they are fast and efficient. They are... Read More

Buy Our Sound Damping sheet Now. Our Sound damping sheets are highly recommended in Vehicles to reduce sound and Vibration. Buy Our Sound Damping sheet Now. Our Sound damping sheets... Read More

Door Installation & Repair Company in NYC

My name is Ariel, and I am the CEO of Matadoor Security Services. After years of living in NYC, I realized that one should have sufficient security in their home... Read More

Information is power. In the Internet age, though, information is available, but it is dispersed. As engineering professionals, some of us always felt the need for a source where engineering... Read More

Safe Your Home is a leading provider of home maintenance, repair, and renovation services in the United Arab Emirates. Safe Your Home is serving maintenance at home at your warehouse,... Read More

Acufore is an engineering design services organization, established by a set of professionals carrying over 3 decades of experience in product engineering, digital testing and validation. Operating from its development... Read More