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Center of Excellence Vuram’s Center of Excellence comprises a group of experts in business transformation that help organizations align their expertise, resources around specific domains and achieve industry best performance and... Read More

Quality Engineering and Assurance Services Our Quality Engineering and Assurance service empowers enterprises to galvanize their software development lifecycle by modernizing testing, eliminating bottlenecks caused by prevailing QE strategies, and accelerating... Read More

Vuram is a global hyperautomation services company specializing in low-code enterprise automation. Since its inception in 2011, Vuram has maintained 100% customer success and 100% customer references. Powered by passionate... Read More

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Find a human resource jobs USA

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AVEVA Wonderware System Platform

AVEVA's System Platform delivers a collaborative, standards-based basis that combines people, procedures, and assets for continuous process efficiency and real-time decision assistance across all locations. Standardization across departments, departments within departments,... Read More

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