Wills and Assets Lawyer Brisbane

Having a will is important to provide clear instructions as to how you wish for your life savings and worldly possessions to be distributed when you pass away.
In the cases where one passes away without a will (intestate), there is a more drawn out, expensive stressful situation for the ones left behind.
A court-appointed administrator is tasked to pay out the liabilities of the deceased’s estate. The remaining is then distributed based on a pre-determined formula.
This may not necessarily be how the individual intended their assets to be distributed. In cases where the court cannot locate close relatives, the estate goes to the state government.
If you die with a will (testate), it is simply a matter of getting the will administered and your wishes fulfilled. There is the ability for individuals such as family members to contest the terms of the will if they feel as if they were not adequately provided for.
However, in most situations, your estate will simply be distributed according to your wishes and your loved ones taken care of as you intended.