What Will You Study in Quranic Arabic Classes?

In our Quranic Arabic Classes, you will learn a comprehensive list of topics important for the proper understanding and eloquent recitation of the Qur’an. Here is an overview of what you’ll be taught:

You will first learn the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce it, so that you recite the verses of the Quran correctly.

Tajweed Rules: A student will have elaborate coverage of Tajweed rules, making the student give due emphasis to proper articulation, pronunciation, and melodious recitation in accordance with the rules of Tajweed.
Vocabulary Building: You should be able to know the simple Qur’anic vocabulary that will enable you to understand the meanings of the most frequently occurring words in the Holy Qur’an.
Grammar: Our lessons will focus on various Arabic grammar topics, which include the conjugation of verbs,