What is asphalt batch mix plant?

Asphalt batch mix plant as the name goes produces hot mix asphalt in batches every 40-50 seconds.Asphalt is a dark sticky substance that is one of the essential components for road construction.
Below is the functioning of the asphalt batch mix plant at large.

Four Bin Feeder: The cold aggregates are collected from the site and loaded into the four-bin feeder with the help of a mechanical shovel. The aggregates are measured in precise quantities in the feeders, which are in turn connected to a conveyor belt. The cold aggregate is then transferred to the Dryer Drum through the conveyor belt.

Dryer Drum: The dryer drum is a rotating cylinder that is equipped with series of flights in the inside of the drum. The cold aggregates inside the dryer drum when coming in contact with the hot air from the burner gets heated and gets rid of the moisture. The aggregates are subjected to heat until they are heated up and reach the temperature of 150-160 degrees Centigrade.