Under Vehicle Surveillance System | UVSS | PARKnSECURE

UVSS stands for Under Vehicle Surveillance System, which includes a high-grade camera that captures the images_new of the underside of a vehicle. The captured images_new can be inspected by an authorized person or the process can also be triggered with a third-party control security system.

Vehicle inspection is a necessary and critical point of security system which cannot be ignored. The fact is that the potentially harmful items can easily be carried or hidden underneath a vehicle. To avoid the intrusive and interruptive method of inspecting each and every vehicle, UVSS is ready to bring efficiency in the system. As the threat of terrorism, crime, theft, and vandalism are continuously increasing, security measures are becoming more and more intelligent and accurate to deliver the most secure solutions. New UVSS can deliver more accurate and reliable undercarriage inspection as compared to the ordinary inspection methods.

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