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Digilogic's RTES has been designed to meet the demands for a multi-functional platform where you can test and evaluate radar systems. It offers the User-friendly Scenario Generator that will help the User to simulate the complex scenario, and they do it realistically. Be it a seeker relevant to radar or surveillance, tracking, or radar, simulator is the ideal tool to figure out their performance and reliability under different circumstances.

Radar simulators help to test and evaluate modern day radar systems in different environments; this becomes critical in the development process of the systems. The radar simulation can be tested to detect different objects in the environment. Among these, Digilogic Systems-Radar Target Echo Simulator (RTES) is the one that attracts as a highly efficient simula-tor of real situation and capability of evaluating radar performance addressing multiple fields.

The current needs of simulating characteristic radar echoes of the radar designers is one of the main areas of competency demanded from them. This process involves the creation of RF signals that mimic the actual field conditions, including multiple models of targets, RCS models, clutter models e.g. rain, buildings), and ECM elements e.g. jammers. Maximizing this degree of realism speaks volumes for testing of radar systems in different situations and geographical areas thus, it is the key point in this context.

Digilogic System-Radar Target Echo Simulator (RTES) has developed a sophisticated system yet it is easy-to-use solution for testing, assessment, and development of radar systems. Being equipped with the features of reality-oriented situation generation, wide-range tests options, and detailed reporting tools, RTES appears to be the major means for guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of modern radar technology which is used in different applications.

Radar Simulator | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic Systems-Radar Target Echo Simulator (RTES) is one of the most effective means for testing and evaluation of modern radars in a lab environment by simulating real-world scenarios using a user-friendly scenario generator. Digilogic’s Radar Echo Simulator has been utilized for evaluating the performance of various Radar Seekers, Surveillance & Tracking Radars.