So, make your selection of the food you wish to eat or the items you want to be prepared from the lists of many restaurants and grocery stores in Postmates, spread throughout the US, and get them delivered within hours with their fast delivery service. You can get about $5 OFF on your first five deliveries from Postmates. As for the loyal existing customers, Postmates provides continuous sales and discounts on its services. As per the New Price Deals, you can now get Buy 1 & Get 1 Free offer only from Postmates.

Enjoy these offers and discounts from Postmates by applying one of the promo codes like the Postmates Daily Promo Code on your order. You can also gift your friends or family members, food items, or liquor with the Postmates Gift Card. These gift cards are available at the starting price of $25 on the official site of Postmates. As you go on making orders, you will receive about $100 in Delivery Fee Credits from Postmates.

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