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ITS is a plant growth chamber distributor in Singapore. Plant growth chambers provide a controlled environment to analyse the effects of environmental parameters (light, temperature, atmospheric gas composition etc.) on... Read More

ITS carries ultra low temperature vaccine freezers and refrigerators for the Singapore market. These ultra low temperature vaccine freezers and refrigerators are ideally suited for R&D, institutes and pharmaceutical companies.... Read More

ITS carries ultra low temperature vaccine freezers and refrigerators for the Singapore market. Eppendorf line of Premium freezers are designed to provide precise, ultra-low temperature environments for cold storage of... Read More

ITS Science & Medical is a business division under ITS GROUP which ranks regionally as a leading provider of scientific & medical instruments, hospital infrastructure and laboratory furniture. ITS GROUP... Read More

ITS offers the Eppendorf BioFlo 320 bioreactors in Singapore which combines form and function in one state-of-the-art package. The BioFlo 320, next-generation bioprocess control station, is designed as a universal... Read More

Welcome To Novenahall International Students’ Hostel Studying in Singapore can be fruitful and convenient if you stay at the central location of the city. The vibrancy of the fast pace urban... Read More

Black Magic Astrologer in Rochor can delve in each and each aspect of the matter to possess an answer for his client. Black magic was originally used for the aim... Read More

Whether you are looking for a new home or thinking about remodeling your current home; adding a bathtub Singapore to a master bathroom will bring many benefits to the value... Read More

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Get Professional Toilet Bowl Singapore recommendations from Bathroom Warehouse. To choose a toilet bowl in Singapore, you should consider the size of your bathroom and how much space is available... Read More

Sure cool aircon chemical overhaul! Our solution will super clean, rinse and remove all traces of impurities from your watercooling loop. Leaving it squeaky clean and ready to use right... Read More