Kenya Car Hire Services | Affordable Car Rental & Leasing Deals

Are you looking for a reputable car hire company in Kenya? Find the latest vehicle models, makes and stylish trendy cars that suit your every need and equally important you get value for your money. Kenya car hire services offers you a first class driving experience on various car rental options.

Whether you’re looking for a compact sedan car to explore the city, minivans for family getaways, shuttle buses, 4×4 suvs and customized safari vans / jeeps. Accordingly we have the perfect vehicles to meet your needs and expectations as you travel across the country either on business or leisure.

Our car hire business provides real time solutions on vehicle leasing. As a matter of fact our impeccable services are designed to offer reliability, comfort and value for money while traveling in Kenya. Above all our vehicles are clean, air conditioned and we maintain the cars to a very high standard. Furthermore our cars are leased on unlimited mileage inclusive of insurance.