Enhance your client experience with true VR and BIM capabilities

VR has stepped right in for the construction industry giving clients the capability to visualize designs by giving them a tour from the inside. The construction industry has combined the power of VR with another powerful tool i.e. BIM.

Project stakeholders like Architects and Engineers are giving clients a breathtaking experience of their projects with VR hardware and software. VR and BIM are the present of construction and will continue to be the future of it as well. The construction sector has always required processes, technology, and tools to create a thriving environment. VR has proven to be an invaluable tool for the construction sector, and it has experienced significant transformation since its inception.

Why is VR an important tool for construction?

VR has one of the most significant applications in the construction sector. The ability to view a project through virtual immersion is completely evident. The benefits of using immersive technology are evident in the construction industry. These benefits include

Better showcasing and presentation of projects
• High level of detail and care
• Complete elimination of design errors & miscommunication
• Comprehensive improvements in the drawing process
• Potential time savings with higher time savings
• Better onsite safety through high-quality virtual presentations
• Faster project approvals
• Enhanced team interaction
• Exceptional deliverable or product quality
• Better material cost management
• Improved resource requirements and allocation

Who has the potential to leverage the comprehensive benefits of VR?

In the right sense of application, two entities can leverage significant VR benefits.

The client – for an immersive and real-time design experience.

AEC professionals – to create effective and efficient designs.

Other VR highlights include – display information broad sets, showcase 3D scenarios of real spaces, generate As-Built models, etc.

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