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Organic Quinoa
Organic Quinoa is one of the world’s most popular health foods. It is gluten-free, high in protein, has various beneficial anti-oxidants and is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids.

Nutritional Information
Turn Organic Quinoa is a rich source of calcium, iron and protein. Along with these, Organic Quinoa also contains dietary fibres, potassium and various other nutrients. A 100g serving of Organic Quinoa contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.

Turn Organic Quinoa are organically grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides.
Turn Organic Quinoa is rich in fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, and other minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.
Organic Quinoa is a rich source of protein.
Organic Quinoa is particularly high in lysine, an amino acid that plays an important role in tissue growth and repair.
Organic Quinoa has a low glycemic index and is an excellent substitute for rice or other grains that can increase blood sugar.
Quinoa is gluten-free.
It is 100% certified as per USDA Organic and India Organic standards.
A Product of India.

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