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High-quality anhydrous sodium sulfate industrial grade 99% content, pictures, prices, brands are complete! It is used as a salting-out agent and a coagulant in medicine, and is also used in... Read More

SINOCHEM NANJING focuses on the field of food additives and feed additives, providing dozens of categories of products such as antioxidants, preservatives, sweeteners, etc. These categories of products include hundreds... Read More

Based on different physical properties of EPS, it can be divided into different grades, namely common grade, instant grade, flame-retardant grade (self-extinguishing), etc.Bouling Chemical Co., Limited can provide and ship... Read More

Cobalt chloride, molecular formula: CoCl2, properties: red or purple crystal.Cobalt chloride is generally used as the main raw material for the production of cemented carbide, superalloy, insulating materials and magnetic... Read More

In the ceramic industry, sodium tripolyphosphate is mainly used to improve the fluidity of ceramic blanks and glaze slurry, so that the slurry has the least water content, better fluidity,... Read More

Yalida Chemical Plant is a company specializing in high-tech fine chemical products in China. The main products are dibasic esters, succinic acid, etc. used in dyes, resins and other fields.Now... Read More

EPS has good heat insulation and shock absorption, high compression strength, very light weight and moisture resistance. Its uses include building heat insulation and sound insulation, covering of side walls... Read More

Natural fatty acid ethyl ester ethyl laurate is a colorless or light yellow oily liquid with special fruity odor. It is widely used as essence and fragrance in food field... Read More

Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of detergent raw materials in China. Its products include Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS),... Read More

LIWEI CHEMICAL CO. LTD is a leading manufacturer of PVA and PVA fibers in China. It mainly deals in polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol fibers and raw materials for the production... Read More