12 Mobile UX Design Practices to Track in 2022

Did you know in 2022, the number of smartphone users in the world has now reached 6.648 Billion? It means 83.72 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone. So, have we all passed the peak of the smartphone era? Well, we will soon experience a huge change in these figures. According to a Statista report, there will be 7.5 billion smartphone users by 2026. Well, when there will be more smartphones, it is obvious to experience a huge surge in app usage. As per a Statista report, presently, there are 2.22 million iOS apps and more than 3.48 million Android apps, and these numbers have no way to go back. 

Mobile devices featuring different apps are essential in today’s digital world. Here comes the responsibility of app developers and UX/UX designers to make them user-friendly and compelling enough to attract more users. An app with compelling UX design can win many hearts, whereas an app with poor UX, usability, and complex navigation only faces rejection from clients. Now, you can imagine how important it is to focus on the UX aspects of the app. 

Well, this blog is all about the popular UX design practices that can make your app look stunning and enhance the user experience. 

Mobile UX Design- Why Is It Important?

UX design is a full-fledged process of making a great digital experience for mobile apps. During this process, designers focus on several factors, including accessibility for higher mobile interactivity or solution effectiveness. At the same time, it is crucial to be cautious while designing the UX design of your mobile app. 

Now the question arises in many minds- what do you mean by a successful app? Well, the answer is not as tricky as it seems. A successful app provides a user with an appealing interface with easy and smooth navigation. After all, users always welcome an app that is visually attractive and loaded with ultimate functionality. Not only this, but such apps also make a difference in the conversion rates and boost brand recogniti